Hi from Karan



In my summer holidays I went to my village. I was there for a month and enjoyed playing with my cousins. We did a lot of exciting things like riding a bike, swimming and watch a lot of cricket matches on the tv. I also went to a place called Pune for ten days. There I went to many temples and prayed. Pune has a lot of gardens …I had an amazing summer vacation.

I have also bleached my hair and got a new hair cut. What do you think?

After a super holiday, I am back to Mumbai and studies as I have to give board exams next year.

Summer is Here :)

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Hey, it has been a long time since I last posted. I am very happy because I just completed my class 10.

Friends, I have read your post and I must say that you all are very interactive. I would also like to share about my daily life with you all.

As we are having our summer vacations, everyday is exciting for us. I wake up late and I go to play cricket, which is my favorite sport. In fact I am preparing for an inter school cricket championship. I also watch a lot of tv and I sleep a lot. In the evening I go for computer classes because I need to learn how to use one. Unlike other students who go to college to study for their 11th and 12th grade, I am going to be continuing my studies in my school only. I am very excited for my new academic year.

I would like to thank the AVID kids—It is because of you guys I am able to learn how to operate a computer.

Goodbye everyone, I hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Everyone!

(Above is a picture of our book club. We went of a bike ride one day.)

I met Noopur Didi and her sister last December when she had come to Mumbai. I live in a community.

I spend my day very cheerfully. I do all the housework and fill water as we don’t get water from a tap in our house. I chit chat with my neighbours. I love playing with kids. Do you like kids? I just love them. In my neighborhood there are a lot of babies. You can’t imagine how cute and naughty they are.

Now,enough about kids.would you like to know about my likes? In India people are crazy about filmstars and a game called cricket. I admire Salman Khan ,a dashing and handsome filmstar. Who is your favorite actor? Do you know who is my favorite cricketeer? He is Rohit Sharma . He is hardworking and very passionate about cricket. Just to let you know that IPL, just got over. It is a cricket tournament which is held every year during April and May. Mumbai Indians won the final this year. Guess who was the captain of this team? None other than Rohit Sharma! Yeah! All the kids from Akanksha were invited to watch one live match in the Wankhede Stadium . The owner of the Mumbai Indian team, Mrs Nita Ambani invited us. What big summer sports do you all follow?

I hope you all are enjoying pav bhaji . There is another Indian snack which i really like. It is called pani puri . I cant survive without it! I have it daily while going home from the centre.

This year I gave my class 10 board exams. It was tough because I have studied in a school only till class 4….the exams were tough, but I do love the challenge. So, keeping my fingers crossed for my results. I hope they are good. I will definitely let you know. I am determined to step into a college and fulfill Ushma Didi’s dream because it is with her motivation and help which has gotten me here today.

Bye and talk soon,