This Year So Far

Hey Nashta students this is Musa Thompson from A.V.I.D. It has been awhile since I last posted, and a lot has since then. For one this past summer I played a lot of basketball which is my favorite sport. I not positive that you play it a lot down there, but it is well known over here. I did a lot of sleeping and watching T.V. as well which was very relaxing since there wasn’t any school over summer vacation. After the summer ended I wasn’t too excited for school to start back, but it got better as the year went along. My basketball season started up and I became Captain of my team which basically means I was chosen to be the person that is looked to for guidance, advice, motivation, those kind of things. After the season ended I began doing an art class, so i’m starting to get pretty good again. A few days ago I was making pictures for seven hours straight, and they all came out as okay pictures.
I am still in that art class, and it is rather challenging but i’ll make it. Well that is my year so far, and try and blog back and tell me about your year so far.

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