Nashta Students

IMG_1182Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.08.13 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.10.45 AMHII GUYS!!!

My name is Gabby (I’m the blonde) to my right is Daniella and to my left is CJ. We are very excited to talk to you guys!

We just wanted to tell you a bit of what has been going on in our lives and are very interested in what’s going on in yours!

Valentines day is this weekend, if you don’t know what that is its a day devoted to love basically materialistic and corny. At our school, theres a thing called cupid’s cuties in which senior boys are chosen to deliver a rose to anyone you want them to, for an amount of money. They make a fool out of themselves for love.

Daniella and I specifically have been friends since we were in the middle school, now being 10th graders, we started our friendship being in the musical Oklahoma together. Since then we’ve had our ups and downs, but are great friends!

Id like to hear about your daily lives, mine consists of waking up at 530 am, dreading school, getting ready and going to the bus stop. I go throughout my school day and leave here at 2:20, go home to my puppies and mom and dad, and usually find time to be with friends.

Daniella’s life consists of waking up at 5:50, going to the bus stop and then getting to school, afterwards, she goes home and finishes her homework and then paints or draws because she loves art. She also spends a lot of time with her little sister and mom and dad because they are very close.

We’d love to hear about your daily life! Please tell us more.

Right now in class we are focusing on this reflection paper on Alex Sheen. His story is really interesting! At his father’s funeral he wanted to do something else so he started “Because I said i would” which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on only keeping your promises and commitments. Mrs Edwards printed us all out “Because I said I would” cards so we could all make our promises and once we have made them we give them to someone else and get the card back once we completed the promise.

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