Quick Update From Home! :)


Hey Guys! :),

It’s Lauren Q here (I have to give you my last initial since there’s another Lauren in our class now too haha)! Sadly, I’m writing this from my house and not in the classroom, since on Sunday I got sick with food poisoning, and I’ve been out sick for a couple days. But, I still have lots to catch you all up on!

That picture you see above is of me and one of our other classmates Josh at a bowling party for another classmate of ours, Myah! It was her birthday a little while ago, and a bunch of her friends got together to bowl, ourselves included! I’m not sure if you guys have bowling or not, but just in case, I’ll explain it. Bowling is a game where you take a special bowling ball at whatever weight you need and roll it down a long wooden board, trying to knock over pins at the other end.

Recently at school, we celebrated Valentines Day! Valentines Day is on February 14th, and is a day to celebrate somebody you love or are attracted to. People usually celebrate with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse, but it’s not uncommon to give gifts to family and friends, too! At our school, we have a program called “Cupids Cuties”, where you can write somebody a note, buy them a rose, or multiple roses, and they will be delivered throughout the day by one of the schools “Cupids Cuties” and their escorts, who are senior boys and senior girls.

How is everything going over there? I hope the weather is better, I felt bad when I read your post about the rain! Noopur had a lot of great stuff to tell us about her trip to visit you all, and we loved seeing the pictures of you guys!

Hope to hear from you soon!
– Lauren Q.

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