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In my summer holidays I went to my village. I was there for a month and enjoyed playing with my cousins. We did a lot of exciting things like riding a bike, swimming and watch a lot of cricket matches on the tv. I also went to a place called Pune for ten days. There I went to many temples and prayed. Pune has a lot of gardens …I had an amazing summer vacation.

I have also bleached my hair and got a new hair cut. What do you think?

After a super holiday, I am back to Mumbai and studies as I have to give board exams next year.

4 thoughts on “Hi from Karan

  1. That sounds cool. I don’t really know too much about sports. What is cricket? How do you play? Your back at school already that stinks! Do kids in India have to go to school year round?

    Michael Gould

  2. That’s so interesting! What’s your village like? Your hair looks very cool, I wanna bleach a section of my hair too! What are board exams?


  3. Hi Ushma! Your hair looks great. We’re very happy that you had a good time with your cousins in Pune. Where is Pune located? Is cricket your favorite sport? Good luck on your board exam next year! Study hard!

    -Myah & Joshua

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. Do you play Cricket? I have always wanted to play because it is similar to baseball. Pune seems like a very nice place. How long was your summer vacation. And by the way nice haircut.

    Corry Maloney

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