After cooking Pav Bhaji, it filled us with felicity because we were cooking for a cause that would help many people. When we tasted the Pav Bhaji it was amazing because we made it ourselves. While we were cooking, we learned how to mince, cut vegetables, and work together. This overall experience was liberating and it made us feel helpful. We can’t wait to come together and cook it again.

2 thoughts on “Cooking

  1. Hi everybody in America,
    All of you have hotdogs, pizzas, burgers for your lunch but our lunch is completely different. We have dal, rice, chapatis and vegetables and sometimes non-veg dish like chicken and fish. You have your lunch in school but we have our lunch at home after returning from school. We have traditional food with indian spices. We are fond of fried food. I am glad to know that you appreciate Indian food like pav bhaji, dal and biryanis. I am thankful to Noopur didi for letting you taste Indian food and helped you prepare it. Thank you once again for introducing America to Indian food.

  2. I find it very interesting how you eat lunch after you return home from school. We had such I good time making and eating pav bhaji with the class and I’m glad I got the experience. I look forward to making and introducing the dish to our school.

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