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Gabriel~ Lunch here in america is very different from lunch for you guys, at least that’s what Noopur tells me. It starts off when i hear the schools jingle ringing through the classrooms air. I get up from my seat and travel to the hallway where there’s a stampede of students to greet me. After i join them in the mix of things i make my way around the corner to the lunch lines. Its an agonizing wait for my food as we all like ants huddle close together on our way through the little doorway to lines of food waiting for us. Like mini conveyor belts the students move out from in front of me until I’m standing before the stacks of burgers, fries, hot-dogs, and salads. We have so many choices to choose from and everyday there’s something new to pick. Although the food is very greasy and filling it allows us to make it through the day on a full belly. The only problem is that right after we eat our variety of meals we all share one thing…”The Itis”. It plagues all High School students. After eating a large meal we get very sleepy, almost in a trance and are basically falling asleep for the next few classes. Although we share different lives and food choices we do share one thing in common, we all like to eat. This is just a little window into what lunch is like for me and what makes it “LUNCH”.

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  1. The “itis”! Its so true, I remember suffering from this in high school as well. though I preferred to pack in efforts to avoid this!

  2. In my opinion, Indian food is very tasty and delicious. I eat dal, rice and pickle everyday for lunch. If I get a chance to eat American food for lunch, i will surely go for it because its fun to eat hot dogs and french fries. But eating these same foodstuff everyday, i will get bored and will want something new then. I am feeling really proud of what noopur didi is doing. She is doing a big favor on us. I will never forget it in my life. Thank you didi for supporting us and believing in us.

    1. Thanks for commenting Fahim. And I think what Noopur is doing is also great too. I really want to try dal, rice, and pickle’s. Maybe Noopur can teach us how to do it sometime. Just like you, I get tired of eating the same thing everyday, so I try and switch it up every now and then. I can’t wait to hear back from you and find out more about your life in India. ~Your Friend, Gabriel

  3. Your diet seems to be great. Hot dogs, hamburgers, etc sounds and tastes delicious. We do not eat much of meat. Our basic food is vegetables, dal (lentils) and chapati (bread made out of wheat flour). On festival days, we have sweets. Our food is very different and i will be happy if you get a chance to taste it. I was overwhelmed to know that you are taking so much trouble to make pav bhaji and letting everyone taste it. The money you are sending to Akanksha is very beneficial for us. On behalf of my center, i would like to thank you.

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