Hello From Mumbai!

Sumita, Faahim, ReshmaWe wanted to to share some of the news that everyone is talking about here (the good and the bad.) Right now in India there has been unseasonal rains. The rains and hailstorms have destroyed framer’s lives and crops such as wheat , jowar and sugarcane. Fruits like oranges, pomegranates mango and grapes have been affected. The farmers had hoped that a good crop this year would help them to clear their debt but their hopes have been shattered. The government has approved over thousands of crores for relief to the farmers. The children of the farmers have helped their fathers for hours on the fields. After so much hard work, seeing the farms washed out is not easy. But the kids are telling their parents not to lose hope.

We have also recently had elections in India. There are three main political parties. 1) Bharatiya Janta Party, Aam Aadmi Party, and Congress. The three leaders of these parties who are contesting for the post of the Prime Minister are Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi respectively. All the leaders are promising a lot to the people. Its going to be very difficult for the people to decide who to vote for. Rahul Gandhi is promoting women’s empowerment. However, the promises the candidates are making are never ending. They are creating so many jobs but still one out of three graduates are unemployed. Thats why so many people are going abroad in search of employment. Caste based politics is still a major problem in India and part of the election and film stars are roped in for the election campaigns.

The Supreme court has created a “none of the above button” while casting your vote. Some did not want to vote for anyone after reading about the amount of corruption in the country, but with this option of “none of the above”, it seems as though more people want to vote.

Whats going on on your end?

——Faahim, Reshma, Umesh, Sumita,