Hey everyone,
Its Daniella and Anthony, We are really glad that all of you enjoyed your summer! Our summer just began. Tomorrow is our last day of 10th grade, and soon we will be 11th graders!

This summer, I (Daniella), am going to Costa Rica for 3 weeks and I’m going to visit my family. I’m really excited to go because I have not been there in about 2 years when my family used to go every summer. I also got a job, I work at Dairy Queen now (An ice cream store) so my summer is going to be busy with me working and making money to save for a car. I’m excited to go swimming and hangout with my friends and boyfriend this summer, What are you most excited for in this coming school year?

This summer Anthony is playing American Football for his high school and is attending camps. This summer I am trying to obtain a job to pay for my athletic training and to hopefully save up for a car. This summer I will also be hanging out with friends and my girlfriend before she goes off to Ecuador.

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