Looks like Nashta alive once more after summer break

Greetings from America!

Hi friends from India! Its me CJ and I figured I’d fill you guys in on current events here in America. To begin, the Super Bowl happened relatively recently, and the Partiots won. Did you guys hear about this? It’s one of the most viewed events in America and is the championship game for the best of the best of football. Things pertaining to me, I’ve been listening to a Christian rock/metal band named Demon Hunter, I enjoy their music thoroughly. What kinds of music do you guys listen to in Mumbai? I also wanted to ask how fitness is in India? Do you guys do weight lifting or something of the sort? I’ve been exercising quite often here in America at the gym in my school. I’ve also continued Mixed Martial Arts with my twin brother Jeremy. In terms of class here in PW, I’m taking a class called global studies and we recently studied world religions. I learned that Hinduism is the most common religion in India, do any of you follow the practices of Hinduism? Lastly, It was recently Valentines day, a day where you express you’re love to your family and significant other. What holidays do you guys have in India? I’m glad to finally be talking about Nashta Exchange again and I’d love to hear from you guys!

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